COLF Reaction to legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada

Friday, 24 June 2016
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Friday, June 17, 2016, is a sad date in Canadian history. On that day  Bill C-14 (medical assistance in dying) was passed by the Canadian Parliament. With royal assent, euthanasia and assisted suicide became legal procedures in Canada. Some citizens may now lawfully kill others.

This act of legalization does not render physician assisted suicide and euthanasia morally right. They remain grave sins against the love of God, and stand as an affront to human life and dignity. Consequently, opposition and resistance to them must continue.

Already we hear calls for the expansion of assisted suicide and euthanasia to include the mentally ill and mature children, as well as demands that these lethal procedures be included in advance directives. Our voices must continue to resound not only with a clear defence of the dignity of all human life from beginning to natural end but also an insistent demand for effective conscience protection across Canada. Advocacy must also continue for new and major investments in palliative care– the only truly human answer to end of life challenges.

From now on, the disciples of Christ share a double challenge :

  • Education to dispel the confusion surrounding medical aid in dying, and to propose with clarity the Christian vision of life and suffering;

  • Care for the vulnerable with the truth, charity and compassion that so clearly render euthanasia and assisted suicide unacceptable and unnecessary that they choose to live until their natural death.

The first Christians’ contemporaries used to say: “See how they love one another”…  Will people say the same about us, the first Christians of the third millennium?

 June 23, 2016