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National March for Life 2018 - PRO-LIFE ALL. IN.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Message from the Catholic Organization for Life and Family

On the occasion of the 2018 National March for Life

History will no doubt regard our society as having been marked by one of the greatest of ironies: it will be said that at precisely the time when the word “inclusion” was on every tongue, the lives of society’s most vulnerable members – the unborn, the sick and aged – became more and more excluded from the protection of the law.

Today marks the beginning of Canada’s 50th year of shameful disregard for the welfare of the unborn child. The deplorable decisions made in 1969 defined a downward trajectory which has led, over the course of two generations, to abortion at every stage of fetal development, for any reason and no reason; and more recently to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Unchallenged by a succession of governments, those – in and out of public office – who promote a “culture of death” are no longer willing to confine their efforts to the extension of deadly “choices” at home. Through the promise of developmental aid and under the guise of “reproductive rights”, they impose a new “cultural imperialism” and enforce a modern “ideological colonialism”. And appeals to the rights of conscience and freedom of religion increasingly fall on deaf or stopped ears.

Yet we shall never surrender! From the first moment of conception to natural death, every life is sacred. May we, the friends and defenders of life, be united as one in upholding this truth while we can, striving at whatever cost to build a truly inclusive society – one which respects and embraces all, that is every single human person. PRO-LIFE ALL. IN. See you on the Hill.


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