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The Christian Family: Good News for the World

Tuesday, 31 August 2004
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COLF invites youth, parents, pastors and educators to rediscover the exceptional good news of the Christian family as the first school of life and faith. "The family is a little church, a sanctuary of life, a domestic church, a church at home, a mysterious presence of the living God," the message states. "The good news, then, is that God is with us in our daily lives, in our hearts and in our homes."

"World Peace: A Family Recipe!", takes an optimistic look at the mission entrusted to families: to raise sowers of peace and joy! It proposes an overview of qualities that serve the cause of peace and invites families to open themselves to Christ, the prince of peace.

"The heart of each child and of each parent is the privileged centre where the seed of universal peace can take root and grow in family life, parish life, the country and the world, writes COLF. For how can we be instruments of peace if it is not first found in our own heart?"

COLF invites the members of Canadian families, inspired by the values of the Gospel, to build a more just and more humane society. It is a call to an unprecedented mobilization for peace!

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