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Pope Francis walks resolutely in the footsteps of Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Paul VI and the Second Vatican Council, to support Christian spouses and families, inviting them “to value the gifts of marriage and the family, and to persevere in a love strengthened by the virtues of generosity, commitment, fidelity
How can it be that a human being is capable of the best and of the worst. A great battle is raging between Good and Evil; not only globally, but in every human heart. The task of Christian parents is to help their children choose what is good, beautiful,
A collection of Church quotations from various Church documents and papal speeches regarding the topics of euthanasia, suicide, and the Christian meaning of suffering. This collection of quotations is recommended especially for its value in the preparation of homilies.
Heavenly Father, Lord and Maker of all that is good, fill our hearts with joy before the wonders of your creation. Open our eyes to the presence of your beloved Son Jesus in all those we encounter and especially in the weakest and most vulnerable among us. Where we
What is the world's most important job? An international survey of a very wide range of people from all over the world found a surprising answer: raising a child! The vast majority of respondents stated that nothing was more important for the future of humanity than forming adults capable of giving their

Bullying: A plague to combat together

Saturday, 05 October 2013
William is eight years old. Since the beginning of grade three, two of his classmates have laughed at him every day because he is a little chubby. He cries every morning before leaving the house. He does not want to go to school anymore. Olivia is 13 years old.
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