Message of John Paul II on the Occasion of the International Convention on “Natural Regulation of Fertility and Culture of Life.”

Tuesday, 09 October 2012
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The Magisterium of the Church has followed with lively interest the development of what we could call the "culture of responsible procreation", and has promoted the knowledge and diffusion of the so-called "natural" methods of fertility regulation. ...Clearly, when one speaks of "natural" regulation, respect for biological rhythm alone is not what is meant. In a much more complete way, it entails upholding the truth of the person's profound unity of spirit, psyche and body, a unity that can never be reduced to a simple set of biological mechanisms. It is only in the context of complete and limitless reciprocal love by the married couple that the act of procreation, on which the future of humanity itself depends, can be carried out in all of its dignity. (...) Read the rest at the Vatican's Website