Réclamer le droit à la vie pour chaque être humain : Lettre du Pape Jean-Paul II à l’Académie pontificale pour la vie, 1997 (en anglais seulement).

jeudi, 13 février 1997
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"The historic and pressing moment has come to take a decisive step for civilization and the authentic welfare of peoples: the necessary step to reclaim the full human dignity and the right to life of every human being from the first instant of life and throughout the whole prenatal stage", the Holy Father said on Friday, 14 February 1997, to members of the Pontifical Academy for Life who were holding their plenary assembly. The Pope went on to say: "This objective, to restore human dignity to prenatal life, demands a joint and unbiased effort of interdisciplinary reflection, together with an indispensable renewal of law and politics". Here is a translation of his address, which was given in Italian. (...) Lire la suite...